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Furnace Repair     

HVAC Furnace diagnosing requires HVAC expertise.  We feel it is wise and always advise and encourage our customers to seek a qualified second opinion if the heater has been condemned, or if the furnace repair cost seems too high. We always welcome second opinions on our diagnosis and any reputable company will. Once we determine the source of the problem we offer flat rate pricing on all repairs so you know the cost before we start the job.  We guarantee our workmanship and stand behind our repairs. 

Furnace Installation

If it is a new furnace you need to get your heat back on, again we are a ideal candidate to earn your HVAC business and install your heater.   is proud to have partnered with the areas best suppliers to be able to offer our customers some of the very best equipment and value available in the industry.

Factory Rebates - Utility Rebates & Federal Tax Incentives may be available - Financing Available    

AC Repair     

Summer HEAT can be unbearable in a summer heatwave.  We strongly erg our customers to consider a PM (preventative maintenance) contract to keep your air conditioner tuned and prevent uncomfortable costly downtime.  An overwhelming amount of folks suffer breakdowns in the peak heat which typically equates to a longer wait for a more costly air conditioner repair service.  If you do find yourself in need of AC Repair you can be assured we can help. 

AC Installations     

AC Repairs often lead to a new Air Conditioner installation.  When it is time for a new air conditioner you can trust the experts here to get you cooling again as quickly as possible.  We will survey your existing hvac system, home design and ask you a series of questions to help us evaluate your individual needs.  Then we create a custom solution designed to meet your specific needs and budget.    


Packaged HVAC systems located on grade typically in the rear of a home present unique challenges when it is time to replace that ground mount hvac unit. Logistics - usually crane rigs cannot reach the hvac unit and man power is required along with very careful planning and execution to get the job done safely.  Your Licensed Contractor needs the experience to make it a stress free one day installation. 


Rooftop mount packaged units are more dangerous. Anytime we perform work on a roof additional safety measures must be taken.  We work with multiple crane and rigging companies throughout Sacramento, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Auburn and surrounding areas. When coordinated and executed correctly, these package hvac units typically cost less than changing out a split heating and cooling system.


Want to dust less often? There is no better upgrade for your old hvac system than removing and replacing the entire air ducting system.  Air ducts develop leaks overtime, depending on the type and age of ducts, the leaks can be significant. Air leaks cause efficiency loss' and allow foreign material into the ducts. If your attic or crawl space has pests or rodents they certainly enter into ducts along with attic or crawl space dust and insulation, often fiberglass or worse depending on age of home. 


HVAC maintenance for your heating and cooling system is a large part of what we do here as a licensed hvac professional, tune ups are essential and cost effective. Contact us if you would like more information about our regularly scheduled preventative maintenance plans.  Property managers, associations and home owners.